Sunday, 13 January 2013

rosamund pike nude

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She is even prettier in the flesh than on film, wearing harem pants and a soft floral blouse that sometimes flops sideways to give glimpses of her breasts. The whole effect - the flat, the cake, the tea, the wisteria, this lovely porcelain girl - is utterly feminine and exquisite, and of course makes me feel like a great ugly toad. She reminds me a bit of Joanna Lumley (obviously without the gurkhas) and fills me with the same unease - can anyone really be this perfect?
But I met Pike once before, at a party of Nick Hornby's, and found her really good fun. Better still, I was knocked out by her performance in "my" film (actually Nick Hornby's film, but based on my memoir), An Education, in which she plays a girl called Helen who is on the one hand very beautiful but on the other very thick. Who knew that Rosamund Pike was such a great comedian? Nick Hornby was so impressed he said he wanted to write a whole comedy film for her. "Well, it would be great if he did. I love making people laugh. But only my close friends usually see it.
‘He could not have been more supportive,’ said Rosamund, who was five months pregnant when she completed filming the movie Jack Reacher, which opens here on Boxing Day.
Their on-screen chemistry makes it clear that Cruise and Pike enjoyed a good professional relationship.
‘Certain stars would have - or might have - said: “Get someone else, she’s pregnant!” That sort of thing goes on in this day and age,’ she told me.
‘You don’t know if you’re going to have terrible morning sickness, whether you’re going to suddenly balloon. I felt as if I had a secret stowaway,’ she joked. But she said that Cruise stood by her and did not want her replaced.

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