Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Anna Kendrick nude

In case you haven’t memorized the Pitch Perfect movie trailer yet, let me be the first to tell you that it involves Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow singing together in the showers. They’re completely naked, minus Anna Kendrick’s tunic of modesty and a strategically placed loofah.
Not since Ursula stole Ariel’s singing voice while she wore nothing but a seaweed bra has a semi-nude aquatic singing scene captured me so. And these days it’s like nothing but semi-nude aquatic singing scenes in the media.
Why, I recently heard a rumor that The Voice wanted to do an entire episode underwater. Apparently Christina Aguilera’s cleavage and Cee-Lo’s parrot came up with the idea together.
But back to Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow staring at each other naked in the shower. They recently went on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show of fun and revealed that the nakedness totally got old after awhile.
t looks as though you are looking for some sexy, scintillating, titillating, naked pictures of American actress Anna Kendrick.
Pass the mouse on top of the picture, and right hand click three times.
Well, the light was not on, sorry. You should be ashamed, though. Leave poor ANNA alone and go take a cold shower on the trot. Would you like to have your naked pictures posted on the internet? Most likely not. READ ON!
While I have your attention, let me share some thoughts as to why it isn`t a good idea do redefine marriage. I will not bore you with the details that although the gay population in the USA is allegedly four million, apparently, only about 150 thousand gay couples live in marital arrangements, and not a huge proportion of these have actually gotten married in states where this has been allowed. So, it seems, this was not really a big deal even for the gay community at large. One would expect droves to be filing for licenses and whatnot. It seems that it caters to the desires of a few people within that community. Most gays seem to be content living their lives as they always did. And I don’t mean this in any demeaning or disrespectful way.
ost actresses would find the prospect of filming a nude shower scene especially daunting, but for Pitch Perfect's Anna Kendrick, it was just another day on the job.
Appearing as college freshman Beca, who is heavily recruited to join her school's a cappella group, Up in the Air's Kendrick joked that filming the soapy scene was "the best day of my life."
Ahead of filming, Kendrick, 27, told Anderson Cooper during a Tuesday taping of Anderson Live that she was especially nervous -- even hiding in the corner to change in secret from the cast and crew.

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